Friday, May 14, 2010

Month Hiatus

Okay, I know no one reads this blog anymore, but Sarah has forced me to BLOG!!!!!! She think she is so cool at these marketing meetings. One of her topics is always "Okay Blogs" *turns head and looks directly at me* "ummm......what do I blog about? The season is over.."

Well good news folks...the Mad Ants season may be over but the MAD ANTS VOLLEYBALL season has just begun!!! We kicked off our first match last night at the beach courts of the River City Bar. Please welcome new Mad Ants Volleyball teammate Emily to the team. Emily is the girlfriend of Rod Wilmont, which allows us to welcome the new Mad Ants Volleyball male cheerleader Rod Wilmont to the team. Rod was not able to play on our team as we already have three guys, but I am sure he will sub for us in the future.

Rod actually was able to sub last night for the opposing team in our first match as they were short on players. Although Rod put in a solid effort, he should stick to basketball as the Mad Ants won that match 2-0. I will say he did not have much to work with, as the rest of his team just plain stunk.

The next match was a close one as we had to go to volleyball overtime and won 20-18. So the Mad Ants are 4-0 to start the season and Rod Wilmont in a subbing capacity is 0-2.

Great news, I finally can bump/pass the ball. For some reason I could not stop my self from moving my arms when I bumped, which would cause the ball to go way too high or off in a wild direction. Last night it just clicked and did a solid job of bumping it by just keeping my arms steady.

As for Mad Ants news.... we are all rooting for the Boston Celtics as we want to see Mad Ants alumni Oliver Lafayette get a NBA championship ring! That would be so crazy if it goes down, they have a tough road ahead but hey who thought they would beat the Cavs?

Heading to Jimmy Buffett concert tomorrow in Indy, so I will recap that when I get back. FINS UP!

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  1. Did you die at the Jimmy Buffett concert? If so, sorry to hear that. If not, you're a liar.