Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mad Ants Prospects

Do you hate when you read someone's blog and they just point you towards another blog for real actual content? Well you may want to stop reading now. Ridiculous Scott has a great article about Notre Dame 4 year point guard Tory Jackson who is trying to make a go of the NBA this year.

There has been talk of a new allocation rule that will allow D-League teams to have the rights to players who are cut from their affiliates training camp/preseason roster. So if Tory Jackson does not make the Milwaukee Bucks final roster the Mad Ants could potentially have his rights. I do not know if this rule is officially set in stone yet but I have heard it is being at least considered.

I think this would be a nice step in the right direction for the D-League. It would also clear up some of the fuzzy allocation rules we currently have. Last year Erie received the rights to Rob Kurz because he played high school in that area, even though he played his college ball at Notre Dame. We then had to trade our first pick for Rob last year to acquire him.

The Mad Ants volleyball team will have its big season ending tournament one week from today. I am going to attempt to get a team picture (hopefully with a championship "trophy")!

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