Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Less than a week away!

The Mad Ants are less than a week away from our home opener on Nov. 21st! Very exciting and busy week to say the least. We had our media day yesterday at the Coliseum, which is where all the local media comes out to interview players/coaches to give their viewers/readers a preview of the season. Here are some highlights from media day:

Wane-TV's Ross Kinsey Interview with Hot Rod Wilmont, Walker Russell Jr and Coach Joey Meyer. *arrow over at the bottom of the screen to scroll through to each interview

(Mad Ants Trivia: I went to high school with Ross Kinsey at Angola High School. While Ross was a star on the High School Basketball team, I was cut from the 7th grade squad.)

Indiana Newscenter - Dean Pantazi's Media Day Highlights

Journal Gazette - Steve Warden blogs on his thoughts on what the final Mad Ants roster will look like come Sunday.

Here is my prediction for our opening night starting lineup-

PG - Walker Russell JR

SG - Chris Kramer

SF - Rod Wilmont

PF Darnell Lazare

C - Chris Hunter

But what do I know? Want to see the actual line-up? Come out to the game on Sunday! Tip-off is at 5pm.

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