Wednesday, April 1, 2009

80's Extravaganza and DJ WHITE???

Wow, I am really really bad at this blogging deal! I would make a promise to stay on schedule but I don't want to be called a liar.

We had 80's night this past Sunday night and it was just as much fun as I thought it would be. Plus, I was the official (Not sure if their are rogue bowl-throwers) bowl-thrower for the one and only Red Panda. She is truly amazing and her performance on Sunday cemented her as my favorite half-time Act of all time.

Some of you may not know who I am dressed up above, if you do not then you probably are not a Fort Wayne native or you are under the age of 21. I am dressed as Fort Wayne LEGEND Happy the Hobo. He had a kid's television show that aired on Fox-55 after school during the week. This show ran from 1981 - 1997 and was a staple in thousands upon thousands of kids lives. It seems like every one has a great Happy the Hobo story. You see, his show would have a live audience full of kids. So it was the highlight of your year when you got to be on Happy's Place. My favorite memory is of my sister literally trying to bite Happy's microphone when he was interviewing her. Apparently she was angered when Happy mistakenly thought our cousin was in fact our sister. Of course the next time I went on the show I had to copy my older sister. So for some reason, unprovoked, I too try to bite Happy's microphone. Luckily Happy was not injured in either of these encounters.

It was a fun night overall and their were quite a few great costumers. My costumer, however, was clearly the most original and overall best. If you are a fan of Happy the Hobo I encourage you to check out his page on facebook . Now, this is the ORIGINAL Happy the Hobo that maintains this page. This is a very important fact when it comes to Happy fans, because we all know Cousin Happy never quite cut it.

Now on to some big news in Mad Ants land. DJ White was just re-assigned to the Tulsa 66ers, this is very important as the Mad Ants play Tulsa at the Coliseum on Sunday. If you do not know who DJ White is, well you probably don't care much about Indiana basketball. (Mom, it's okay if you didn't know who he was). He graduated from IU last year and was drafted by the Pistons and then traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. He had jaw surgery during the pre-season which put him on the shelf for the majority of the year. The Thunder has now assigned him to Tulsa in the D-League to get him back into shape. So barring an injury or the Thunder recalling him, you can watch DJ White take on the Mad Ants this Sunday night at 6pm. For the official press release just click here.

We have three more Mad Ants home games this season, April 3rd (Fri), April 5th (Sun), and April 10th (Fri), and I hope to see you at one of them.

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