Sunday, May 17, 2009

Preaching to an empty room

Admit it, you thought you saw the last of my blogging. You were wrong...dead wrong. Not only is this blog back, it's back in a way that is almost unfathomable. But guess what, it's JUST BEEN FATHOMED!!!!

I am going to do what Jeff Potter could only dream of doing, and what Ridiculous Scott makes look easy. I proclaim that from this day forward (May 17th), I will blog for 30 straight days.

Now before you get too excited, please think about what this means. For me to blog for thirty days in a row, you are going to have to read some extremely trivial and uneventful blogs. It's not like I am living the Rod Benson lifestyle of making music videos and playing professional basketball in mid-sized cities across America. The most exciting thing I did this weekend was run a 10k at the local Warbird Brewery. How do you make running and eating a burrito afterward exciting?

I mean the biggest question in my life right now is, am I really going to get up at 5:30 am tomorrow to go work out at the YMCA before going to the office. I am currently giving myself an 83% chance of doing it. Wait a second....did I just build suspense? Will you really come back to my blog to find out if I am actually sick enough to work out that early in the morning? You know, now that I think about it, you just might be.

So you get the picture, I'll be blogging everyday, so put me back into the rotation of websites to visit when you are bored at work.

Well we have some exciting stuff going on in Mad Ants land. Jeff Potter is searching for the new Head Coach of the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. I would name some of the candidates for you but Jeff Potter might not like that. So instead of potentially angering the 6'9 redhead in the office who is kind enough to frequently buy the office lunch, I'll go in a different direction with my thought process.

In minor league sports I think there are two huge factors in selecting a coach. The first factor is the obvious one, will this coach get wins? I think for a sport like basketball this is a little more important, than say baseball. Fans will come out to support a team if you create a buzz with getting a huge winning streak going. It also helps the team get increased media coverage, which will also mean more fans. Okay, now you are probably thinking, "Wow! Your first factor in a coach is brilliant! You think a coach needs to get wins??" I can read your thought now, "Why is this guy not running the helm of an NBA franchise?" Bear with me. (No really, there is a bear in my room, please HELP!)

The other factor is the notoriety of the coach. Do fans know or care who this guy is? Is the Coach himself going to draw fans/attention to the games on his own merit.

So the question is, would you rather have someone of local significance/former NBA/NCAA player or a guy with a proven track record in the D-League who you have never really heard of.

After two losing seasons, my answer is the guy who gets us the most wins and gives us a chance at the playoffs. With that being said if Reggie Miller comes knocking on the door, I think you have to say yes! Now, Reggie Miller is not a candidate for the Head Coach of the Mad Ants. But I think that makes my point. Reggie is a guy with no coaching experience, but would be such a huge draw in Fort Wayne, that the franchise as a business would almost have to say yes if the price was right. So where is the line?

The Mad Ants are most likely going to choose a coach who knows the D-League and has a history of winning. He will probably won't be a guy who the average fan knows much about. Which is okay with me! I think everyone in the office is ready to see what a winning season feels looks and feels like. More importantly our fans are ready!

So be on the lookout during the next thirty days for the Mad Ants naming a new coach, and more importantly my daily blog posts!


PS Get your Mad Ants season tickets today! :)


  1. Id say yes to reggie miller!!! But i doubt he is really thinking about coming to the dleague...

    Im sure it would bring out more fans, at home and on the road.


  2. Yeah, I really don't think Reggie would take the pay-cut!

    That was the best example of a high profile guy with no coaching experience who would be worth gambling on.

    I will be happy with any coach who brings the Mad Ants a winning season. We have tried to do everything right from a business stand point, and now we just need a winning season to really have this franchise take off.