Monday, February 15, 2010

Player Update

The Mad Ants has a big player announcement, we would like to welcome NBA vet Dan Dickau to the roster. Springfield had signed Dickau off the waiver wire after he entered the D-League player pool, and then traded him to us. We traded Kyle McAlarney to Springfield for Dickau. The idea behind this trade is to shore up our point guard spot and add another vet to the team.

It is a shame to see Kyle gone, as he was a definite fan favorite and very fun to watch.

Dickau will be looking to get a call-up to the NBA yet this season, so you know he will be playing hard to get that opportunity.

So come on out to the Coliseum tomorrow and welcome Dan to the team. Tip-off is at 7pm and we are taking on Rod Benson and the Reno Bighorns.


  1. Do you know why Steve Warden is not allowing responses to his blog anymore? Is that the kind of community relations the Ants want?

    There is such a good give and take with the Komets Journal Gazette would be nice to see that with Warden who very often acts as though the Ants are a big hassle for him to do.
    What do you think?

  2. I do not know why Steve Warden is not allowing responses to his blog. I agree that Justin has a great thing going with the Komets blog. I am amazed by the amount of interaction. I think it goes along with being around for fifty years and having some great seasons recently.

  3. The last few posts he is allowing responses again.