Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In the Mad Ants office we had three goals for Sunday night.

1.) Have a big crowd.

This was probably our biggest crowd of the year with over 5,000 in the building. We had several youth groups coming out to the game to see Santcus Real and many other groups as well. It just creates such a better environment for the game to have that type of crowd. The crowd seemed very into the game and I hope we see some repeat fans.

2.) Have a successful post-game concert

We wanted to do Youth Faith Night right and so we spent some money and brought in Santcus Real (grammy nominated group). They put on a great show and the several hundred fans that stuck around for the show seemed to have a great time. The band stuck around after the game to sign autographs and could not have been a nicer group of guys.


A tough loss for the team. As an office, we wanted the win not only for the standings but to give a good impression to all the new fans we had at the game. The game was very competitive and the Mad Ants gave it all they had. I don't think too many fans left with a bad impression from the game. Many first time fans are shocked by the quality of basketball they see , not to mention all the big name college players in the league.

So the bad news, we lost, good news is we don't have to play Iowa again! (until the playoffs that is!). There are still quite a few games to be played and the Mad Ants are still in the hunt.

The guys have a few days off and then it's back to the grindstone. You may see us out in the community here in the next few weeks as we are putting the guys to work with several appearances!

Check out Erie BayHawk Mike Gansey's new blog over at Ridiculous Upside. Mike is Mad Ants Assistant Coach Steve Gansey's brother and having quite the season over in Erie. Steve is having a good season as well in his role with the Mad Ants .....if you don't count the broken hand! (The Stop Sign really had it coming though!)

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