Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Taylor's Turn

Well I have been slacking on my blogging again. I don't know what makes it so hard to keep this updated regularly. I mean the team has won six out of our last seven games but for some reason I still don't update! What a jerk! Well, the good news is you can read Potter's blog where he has actually been keeping up with everything.

I am going to keep slacking and turn this blog over to our Carroll High School intern Taylor. She is going to talk about her top 3 Mad Ants moments this season. Say hello to Taylor everyone....

This is a count down of my top 3 Mad Ants moments this season. Here we go...

3. Finding out that I would be interning with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants has to be number three on my list. I love sports and hope to pursue a career in sports marketing, what better internship to have then this.

2. Throughout the season there were many themed nights, all the way from 50's night to the pajama party. I enjoyed these nights because it was a nice change of pace. I mostly just got really excited to wear my costumes and see what others would be wearing as well.

1. And my number one moment would have to be...having the Carroll Powder Puff Cheerleaders perform at half-time. The cheerleaders are a group of about ten guys who make up dances for our homecoming pep rally. Usually the dances are pretty good but this year it was more then amazing! Our senior class cheerleaders have had their videos all over the internet including YouTube.
I thought to myself what could possibly be better then performing at half-time for the Mad Ants? After they performed Jeff Potter loved them so much that he had asked them to come and perform for the last game of the season. Now the boys are on their way to perform for the WNBA team, the Washinton Mystics. My project turned into a huge success.
Congratulations Carroll Powder Puff Cheerleaders!


  1. This is my favorite blog post ever from you, Garrett!
    Also, Hi Taylor.

  2. haha, did Potter request the Miley Cyrus? That was pretty funny, wish I could have been there to see it. Hey Garrett, I thought of you on Sunday when they mistakenly paid me to go to Wrestlemania, didn't get to catch to much of it, but it was a treat. I saw a few people like what Jimmy Kimmel found. Haha, glad to see you guys are doing good, we will talk later.