Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Call-ups Call-ups WE GOT CALL-UPS

So by now if you are still checking this blog, you are either very stubborn/patient or are my Mom. Regardless, you have probably already heard the good news about Rob Kurz being called up to the Chicago Bulls. Rob is very deserving of this and I have always thought he was the "Do everything" guy on the team and would make a great role player for an NBA squad. He is a great shooter who also does everything else well. He will grab rebounds, get a few blocks and does not make many bad decisions on the court. Rob is also a down to earth, nice guy and the entire Mad Ants office is beyond happy for him. There are now two former Mad Ants on the Bulls in Rob and Joe Alexander. The Bulls look poised to make the playoffs as an 8 seed, so hopefully Rob will get a chance to see some action.

The more recent and not quite official news is that another Mad Ant player from this season may or may not be getting a call-up to the NBA. Because I like my job and don't want Jeff Potter or Dan Reed yelling at me, I am just going to link to the story on Ridiculous Upside. I will comment more once the official press release goes out.

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