Friday, June 18, 2010

Acme Bar & Grill "Where Sports Teams Meet"!

The Mad Ant Volleyball squad redeemed themselves in a dominating fashion with a 4-0 victory last night. The second team we played was so bad, that Kyle and Heidi felt the need to keep commenting on much fun the other team was having just to make them feel better about their atrocious play. Due to an overflow of teams, we had to play this match at the Plex Courts as opposed to the courts at River City Bar & Grill. The Plex does not have the same type of atmosphere, as they are missing two key items: Music & Buckets of Beer. Still 4-0 is 4-0 and we had a good time.

After the volleyball match Kyle, Heidi and I headed to the Acme Bar & Grill to watch Game Seven of the NBA Finals. We were hoping to see Mad Ant point guard and current Celtic capture an NBA ring, but it was not meant to be. We did not manage to spot Oliver on the bench, which is usually the most exciting part of the game for us. He must have been too busy hamming it up with Christina Aguilera and Jack Nicholson.

Apparently the Acme Bar is the place where all the sports teams in Fort Wayne like to get together for big sporting events. Upon entrance we sit down at a booth, only to realize that world famous Komets WOWO broadcaster Bob Chase and his wife are sitting at the bar. As the game goes on a big group of Tin Caps employees come in after their home game had wrapped up. Appropriately they sat right under the huge mural of Parkview Field on Acme's wall. So at that point we had visits to the Acme by the Komets, Mad Ants, and Tin Caps. Not to leave the college sports realm out, National Champion Head Coach of St. Francis basketball Jeff Rekeweg walks in with his wife to catch the end of the game. I kept looking around after that waiting for Gene Keady or Rod Woodson to walk in the door.

As for the game itself, it was low scoring but exciting at the same time. Although we were all secretly hoping Oliver would rip off his suit to reveal a Celtics jersey underneath and take the floor. Still a good time and glad I got to visit the revitalized Acme Bar "Where Sports Neighbors Meet".

Have a great weekend Charlie Brown!

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  1. Mr Martz

    SAre you attending the NBA summer league In Las Vegas to scout players ?