Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LeBron to the Mad Ants?!?!

According to this ESPN writer, we are in the running. It's in the third paragraph.

Honestly I have no idea where LeBron will announce he is going tonight. It seems like a slap in the face to Cleveland if he is holding a huge press conference event on ESPN to announce he is going to Miami. If I was a betting man, I would bet he his staying with the Cavs. Nothing beats home and an NBA max contract!

On to stuff you don't care about: What a glorious 4th of July weekend that was! I took two vacation days and was up on the crystal blue waters of Crooked Lake. Managed to visit two sandbars/fish without a license (don't worry I did not catch a thing)and see a ton of friends and family. I even won a game of croquet!

I also had the honor of being the Mad Ant in the 4th of July Parade in Angola (one of my hometowns) and boy was it hot! I think it topped out around 94 degrees that day. If you ever see a mascot on a hot day, don't bother saying "I bet it's hot in there!" BECAUSE IT IS and he/she is keenly aware of that fact. I bet I heard that forty times. Be original people, it was getting to the point I would have rather had someone attack me and try to rip my mascot head off than hear another "MAN-O-MAN I bet it's warm in there (chuckle chuckle)." It was a great parade though and thousand from the community came out for it. I also had the pleasure of meeting Marlin Stutzman (republican candidate for House Seat) and my old high school history teacher Mr. Olson (who is a Democrat City Councilman), all as the Mad Ant!

A plethora of Mad Ants will be playing in the Vegas Summer League coming up next week. To stay updated on all the action I would recommend checking out Ridiculous Upside or

Oliver Lafayette is currently playing with the Celtics at the Orlando Summer League and has done a very nice job so far. I think he is making a good case for sticking with the Celtics for next season.

Remember the Madame Ants Dance Team Tryouts are coming up next week on July 17th at the Concordia Seminary gymnasium. If you are interested, check out the Mad Ants website with all the details. Madame Ants Laura and Ana were just on 98.9 the Bear with Turner and Jerrdog this morning (Mad Ants PA Announcer) promoting the tryout. Some very amusing comments...Turner brought up that he thinks VP of Sales & Marketing Jeff Johnson has a "hot sister" randomly.

I will end this blog by letting you know the first session of Mad Ants volleyball is coming to a close next Thursday with the league tournament. Our goal is to bring the first ever championship to the Mad Ants (volleyball or otherwise!). We will wear the t-shirts we win in proud glory (or some of us will probably take the $15 off the next session). I will let you know how it goes. Until next time...


  1. I am still wondering as to if you guys need a "celebrity" judge at the Madame Ants tryouts? I know the ladies would love to have me there ;-)

  2. We talked about LeBron briefly at the lake this bet was on Miami to bad I didn't put any money on it.