Friday, August 20, 2010

Mad Ants Abroad

Sean Sonderleiter officially has left for Germany as of this past week. He had been back in Fort Wayne for a few weeks doing work outs with Mad Ants Assistant Coach Steve Gansey to prepare for the trip. He will be playing on the same team as Mad Ants Alumni Coleman Collins. I am sure Coleman will be a great tour guide to help Sean get accustomed to the new team/country.

Ryan Ayers has signed a deal with a team in Finland. You can read the story here.

Ron Howard has signed to play in Israel for the Netanya team. This is a big time European league and Ron will be facing some tough competition.

Now for a more important update, the Mad Ants volleyball team! We went 3-1 last night and faced some stiff competition from Monnier Remodeling (our favorite team to play) and a team whose name I don't recall. The highlight of the night for me was watching Kyle Thoms get BLOCKED by former Mad Ants intern Camron's Dad Bernie at the net. It was a rude awakening for Mr. Thoms.

This year our roster consists of Mad Ants staffers: Me, Heidi Busch, Sarah Wladecki, Kyle Thoms, and Jeff Johnson. We have also brought in ringers who are Emily and Crystal who are the girlfriends of "Hot" Rod Wilmont and Asst Coach Steve Gansey respectively. I will post a team picture ASAP. Do not worry, I am still rocking the Mad Ants sweatband.

Last night Coach Gansey supported the team by showing up. He kept me mentally motivated by peppering me with names of famous wrestlers from the 1990's. I then would come up with their finishing move. I was a perfect 100%. One that did give me trouble was Golddust but I managed to eventually come up with "Curtain Call" (an inverted DDT for those playing at home). He also threw Sable at me, but I do not believe she ever had a finishing move other than perhaps finishing husband Marc Mero's career!

Other big news, the Mad Ants schedule is out! We will be starting at home on Nov. 21st and have 15 weekend dates this year (Fri/Sat/Sun). We are playing on Christmas Day, which I think could turn into a big tradition for us. Great way to get the whole family together, as I know my family is often looking for something to do Christmas evening.

If you are looking at season tickets or a group night, feel free to give me a call at 260-469-4667 x 107 to see some specific options.

Have a great weekend!



  1. How about you spell people's names right if you are going to include them in a blog. That's insulting.

  2. Which name were you referring to? I am pretty sure I misspelled several.

  3. Krystal with a "K" not a "C"