Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mad Ant Departures

In a classic NBA D-League bad news/good news situation the Mad Ants will be losing two key players next year to the overseas market. Rob Kurz will be going to play in Spain, while Sean Sonderleiter will be going to play in Germany. I am a little surprised by Rob leaving as I thought he really deserved to be on an NBA roster. He is just a guy with an incredibly high basketball IQ that would be a great role player on most NBA teams. He may have been a little frustrated by not getting a call-up until the very tail end of the season last year. I wish Rob the best of luck and hope has a great time and Europe and makes some money!

I am very happy for Sean. This is a guy who two years ago was picked in the 10th round in the D-League draft. For those who are not experts on the draft, I would guess about 20% of the players in the draft make it onto the teams roster. So it was a long shot for Sean to even make it to the Mad Ants, let alone have the amazing season he had last year. He has done so much work to put himself in this position overseas, and he really deserves it.

Of course, to get the true scoop on this news, you can check out Ridiculous Upside who broke the story.

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