Monday, June 8, 2009

Coleman Keeps Blogging

I cannot remember if I have already mentioned this (and I am too lazy to just go back and look) but Coleman Collins has started blogging. Coleman is a great writer and it makes for an interesting and fun read. He is currently traveling in Europe. I encourage you to check it out here : Coleman's Blog

The D-League will have it's own team in the NBA Summer League which starts in mid-August. There have been no announcements to who will be playing on the team as of yet. The main goal for any D-Leaguer is to make an NBA team's summer league squad. Those spots are tough to come by though, last year the Mad Ants had both Earl Calloway (Pacers and Jazz) and Dahntay Jones (Nuggets) playing for NBA teams.

I think that the D-League team is a way for players to get the looks from different NBA teams even though they did not make an NBA Summer League team. The D-League provides a place for players with potential and players who have not had a chance to really blossom and come into their own. From the Mad Ants this year I would like to recommend a player that I think would be a great fit.

1) Anthony Kent

Here is a guy that almost didn't make the Mad Ants roster this season but by the end of the year he was a rebounding machine! He had a game where he pulled down 22 rebounds. He is 6'11 and has the length to grab rebounds and block shots in the NBA. This is someone that could really continue to develop from the Summer League experience.

It will be interesting to see who makes the cut, I will post the roster as soon as the league releases it.

Reminder to come out to Germanfest this Thursday at 7:30. The Madame Ants will be judging the leder hosen contest! Will be a great time and I hope you can make it.


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