Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two Big Happenings

Well, it's official, this economy is finally turning around!

Scott Schroeder from Ridiculous Upside got a job! He will be working with the D-League's own Dakota Wizards. So he will have many Mad Ants/Wizards battles to blog about. Now he will know what it is like to blog with the NBA empire looking over your shoulder! Rumor is that his job requirements involve making copies, writing witty comments, and giving Blake Ahearn shooting lessons. On a serious note, congrats to Scott, it is well deserved for all he has done for the D-League.

The next big happening is that the Mad Ants have a brand new fan! (Hey we celebrate every new fan!) It is the one and only Alex Potter, the newborn son of Jeff and Julie Potter. Alex is now the official male heir to the Mad Ants dynasty. Sorry Sydney!

Here is an unlicensed and posted without permission shot of Alex and the proud papa:

Another great story from Reggie Hayes int he News Sentinel. In this article, Reggie talks to former Mad Ant and current Orlando Magic player Jeremy Richardson. Jeremy talks about what he has been up to during the NBA Finals. Great read!

Well I am off to Germanfest, have a great Friday!



  1. Appreciate it, FerretKing.
    Also, I've already taught Blake everything I know about shooting - ask him about the sitting down in the Nicholson Seats and draining it.

    Also, my congrats go out to Jeff.

  2. Wow- what a head of hair little Alex has! I think that makes him a "Hairy Potter"!! Please congratulate the Potter family for me!
    Can't wait to see him at the next Ants game!