Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reiner Returns

Jared Reiner will return to the Ants lineup tonight. This will be a huge help as he will have Courtney Sims and Earl Barron to deal with from the Iowa Energy squad. To make room for Reiner we have waived Kyle McAlarney due to injury. This means we retain Kyle's rights and will bring him back when he recovers.

Everything is setup and ready for the big post-game concert tonight featuring 2009 Grammy nominated Sanctus Real. The concert will be taking place following the conclusion of the Mad Ants game. We have a ton of tickets pre-sold for this game and it should be the biggest crowd of the season to date. The pressure is on the team to pull out a big win against Iowa. We are currently 0-5 against league leader Iowa this season, with this being our last regular season game. Steve Warden had a story today detailing this exact topic.

The News Sentinel had a nice background story on Milwaukee Bucks assigned player Joe Alexander. Joe showed some glimpses of what he is capable of on Thursday and I expect to see him continue to improve tonight. The rust from being sidelines for 4 months is beginning to shake off. It will be good for the home crowd to have a "dunker" on the roster.

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