Saturday, December 17, 2011

An Off Night

So my prediction for the return of Thor-lookalike Sean Sonderleiter was a little off for last night. Technically when I posted the article it was correct, but literally an hour later I learned he would be on injured reserve due to a minor injury. He should be suited up next week if all goes well.

For those of you who came to the game last night, we appreciate your patience. The scoreboard and shot clock were having some major issues causing several delays. Great job by our stats crew led by Troy Dan and our PA announcer Jerrdog for keeping up with everything minus a shot clock/score.

Jeff Potter announced in the 4th quarter that any ticket for Dec. 16th could be turned in at the Coliseum box office to be used at another game as a thank you for bearing with us last night.

I will be honest, I did not get a chance to see very much of the game last night. Per usual I was bouncing around from place to place. From the box score, it is clear the entire team was pretty off last night. You can't really look at any one player and say they had a solid game. It is really tough to beat a team when you are only shooting 34% from Field Goal range and the other team is shooting 53%.

Let's hope we bounce back tomorrow against Springfield. Tip-off tomorrow (Sunday) is at 6pm.

Darnell Lazare got some run (as the kids like to say) in the Pacer's preseason game. From the box score, it doesn't look like he played his best but just the fact that the Pacer's played him for almost 10 minutes means they see something in him. The Pacer's have one more preseason game for him to impress coming up on Tuesday (Dec. 20th) against the Bulls.

Walker Russell JR was a DNP-Coaches Decision in the Pistons preseason game last night. I am sure that is disappointing for Walker but hopefully he will get some time in the next game.

Ron Howard will be playing tonight in the Buck's preseason game at 8pm ET against the T-Wolves.

Best of luck to all of these guys. I hope we never see them again in Fort Wayne (and I mean that in a good way!)

See everyone tomorrow night at the game!

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  1. Pretty sure I've never paid more attention to a game in my life, lol. Last night was frustrating pretty much all the way around for the team and game ops crew but kudos to everyone as, I feel, we all handled it pretty darn well. I would've been lost without Audrey so she deserves a big thank you for me sounding intelligent all night, lol.