Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Roster moves

Big win on Sunday over Springfield to get the team back on track and bring us to .500 with a 4-4 record. Sioux Falls and Austin are on tap for this Thursday/Friday doubleheader at home. Sioux Falls is a team we beat in our home opener, but as we all know our roster has changed quite a bit since then!

Bad news yesterday for Ron Howard as he was waived by the Milwaukee Bucks. I have heard from sources (IE being nosy around the office) that he will be back in practice with the Mad Ants as of today (Tuesday) and will be playing this Thursday and Friday. So that means we will have now two more of our starters back from the beginning of the season. Ron is a reliable scorer who takes high percentage shots which is just what we need right now.

Sean Sonderleiter is still out on injured reserve and I am not sure what his status will be for this weeks games. Obviously with Sean and Ron returning that will cause us the tough task of having to waive a couple guys. No idea who that will be and glad that I am not the one deciding!

We still have Walker Russell Jr with the Detroit Pistons, Darnell Lazare with the Pacers, and Chris Hunter with the NY Knicks. Both Walker and Darnell play in preseason games tonight, so best of luck to them and be sure to tune in if you get the games to hopefully see them in action!

See everyone at the games this week and remember Thursday is "Ugly Christmas Sweater" night so be sure to bring out your best/worst yuletide sweater.

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