Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Talent Influx

Rumor has another Mad Ant player returning from an NBA training camp in Walker Russell Jr. My sources (Yes I have sources!) say he will be back in practice tomorrow and eligible to play on Friday (Dec. 23rd) against Austin. The league requires a 48 waiting period in between getting waived and being elgible to play which is the reason Walker will not play tomorrow against Sioux Falls.

In case you missed it in the papers yesterday, Gage Daye was the player who was waived to make room for Ron Howard. Gage did not make it easy on the Coaches making the decision as he has some really nice minutes for us. Especially in our game against Erie a week or so back when he scored 11 points in the 4th quarter and essentially took over the game. As it often does, it just comes down to a numbers game with the limited amount of roster spots available (ten for D-League teams).

That leaves Darnell Lazare still in the Pacers training camp, along with Chris Hunter in the Knicks camp. We are all really pulling for Darnell to make it, as he really improved his game last year. He is also a smart hilarious guy who you can't help but root for to make it. Plus it's a short trip for the office to go see him on the Pacer's team.


  1. why aren't you pulling for Chris Hunter to make it.

  2. He once held me upside down and took my lunch money.

    But on a serious note, Chris has already established himself as an NBA caliber player spending a year with the Golden State Warriors in 2009-10. Injuries have held him back, but as soon as he is 100% healthy it will just be a matter of when, not if he makes a roster. Long way of saying I am pulling for Chris too.