Tuesday, January 5, 2010

70's Night Pictures

(Jared Reiner repping the 70's)

So we may have got beat pretty bad on Sunday by the Iowa Energy, but we did not let that stop us from having a good time! Here are some photos from 70's night courtesy of Mad Ants Photographer Randy Jackson:

(Madame Ants and a mysterious man practicing a dance pre-game)

(Our fearless leader Jackie Moon...I mean Jeff Potter)

(Coach Sanders getting into the 70's vibe)

(The Mad Ant looking good)

(Proving why I am the most powerful blogger in the D-League with my stunning attire)

And now because I know the real reason most of you come to my blog, I present a new feature called "Random Madame Ant Pictures":

(What is Laura doing????)


  1. You rock Mr. Martz...you have a stunning eye for quality photography and I might add that Jackie does have me concerned...I might have seen that individual roaming the office hall...beware of strange goings on there...about 70's night and my atire for the evening...sorry Mr. M...I lived through the 70's my friend...and I have no desire to return...though Laugh-In might take my mind back to some more favorable moments in my life...Put that in your pipe and smoke it...!...Rj...the photo guy.

  2. by far the best work you have done....Me love my madam ants....MORE,MORE,MORE