Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Milwaukee Bucks Assign Joe Alexander to the Mad Ants

(Joe Alexander throwing it down)

As I predicted in a blog back in November (I am really full of myself), Joe Alexander has been assigned to the Mad Ants by the Milwaukee Bucks. Hoops fans will remember his run a few years back with West Virginia in the NCAA Tournament to the Elite 8. Joe suffered an injury in training camp and has been out all season. His time with the Mad Ants will be perfect to get back into game shape for the Bucks. Here is a clip of Joe to show what he can bring to Fort Wayne.

Joe is coming at a great time as we are currently without Jared Reiner and Ron Howard due to injury. Jared could be back fairly soon. Ron Howard is out four weeks with a fractured hand. Ron was having a great season, and we are hoping he makes a speedy recovery. Here is an article from Steve Warden in the Journal Gazette about the teams road trip.

Mad Ants are on the road tonight taking on the Austin Toros. Watch via Futrecast!


  1. He hasn't been that impressive yet. Especially in game two in Iowa. Thursday better be a HUGE game for him.

  2. He won't be then either... Ron Howard is 10 times the player Joe is. The only thing keeping him in the league is the Bucks don't want to swallow their pride and admit they got themselves a lemon w/ the 8th pick in the draft a few years back....