Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reiner to play on Sunday?

The Mad Ants will be taking on the Iowa Energy at home tomorrow (Sunday) with a 5pm tip-off. This will be a huge rematch after the triple overtime loss in Iowa last week. After being a game above .500, we have now fell back to a game under. To keep ourselves in the playoff picture we are going to need to beat Iowa at some point, so why not start tomorrow? Will Jared Reiner be back on Sunday? Let's ask Reggie Hayes and the News Sentinel.

You want to know about Jared's toughness? Do you want to know why I am asking so many questions in this blog? This quote from the article will answer one of those quesitons:

“I shot two free throws and had to hold my lower lip in with my upper lip, then spit blood under my jersey just to shoot free throws,” Reiner said. “Then the ref said, ‘You can’t play like that.’ They took me out and put the stitches in. I quit counting at 15, so there might have been a couple more.”

Taylor Griffin will be in town tomorrow, on assignment with the Iowa Energy from the Phoenix Suns. Griffin is an Oklahoma alumni and better known as the brother of 2009 Number 1 Draft Pick Blake Griffin. He is a 6'8 forward who gives Iowa another big body at that position. Just another reason we need Reiner back!

PS, tomorrow is 70's night! Get your outfit together.

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