Monday, January 2, 2012

The Buck stops here...

Wow, my blog title is so bad it's funny! This is for Heidi who said I did not have enough witty comments in my why start now.

It was a very exciting game last night as the Mad Ants beat Canton 104-103 on a game winner by Milwaukee Bucks assigned player Darington Hobson with 21 seconds left. Canton played pinball with the last possession with the ball bouncing all over the rim but thankfully not in!

(photo courtesy of Randy Jackson)

Apparently Hobson only needed one game to get his bearings, as his second outing last night was off the charts! He was in the starting line up and put up a very well rounded 22 points (6-10 FG), 5 assists, 5 rebounds, and 3 steals. I am sure Bucks fans will be happy to see Darington doing so well in such a short period back. Darington missed his entire rookie season with the Bucks as he was out with an injury. This was his chance at getting some real run in a pro game to date and he clearly excelled.

Hobson has also brought the right attitude to the Mad Ants for his D-League assignment, he was very vocal and animated being a positive force both on the court and bench for his new teammates. I heard through the grapevine that Darington wanted this assignment to the D-League as he did not want to be sitting on the Bucks bench getting no minutes. It would be especially tough for him to get into game shape with the Bucks as the NBA has a busier than usual schedule with the shortened compacted season. This is what the D-League is here for and glad to see Darington and the Bucks using it so well.

This broke a four game losing streak for the Ants and I really feel this is a turning point for the team. I honestly do not remember the Mad Ants ever having a more talented and deep roster. Hopefully this momentum continues on the roadtrip to Reno, with the team currently sitting on a plane at FWA waiting for it to deice. I encourage everyone to watch on NBA Futurecast, as it is an amazing technology for this league and really leaps & bounds of ahead of other minor leagues. Plus it's free! Tip off for the Reno game is 10pm ET on Tuesday.

I did miss some big news with my blog yesterday. We traded Marvin Phillips JR to Erie for a 4th round draft pick. Marvin was a fan favorite (as well as office favorite!) and will be missed. I was pretty surprised by the move, but that is why I get paid to sell stuff and not make basketball decisions.

Here is our roster as it stands today:

C -Chris Hunter
PF- Darnell Lazare
PF/C - Sean Sonderleiter
F - Gilbert Brown
F- Ramon Harris
G/F - Cameron Jones
G/F - Darington Hobson (assigned by Milwaukee Bucks)
G- Ron Howard
G- Walker Russell Jr
G - Tory Jackson

We still have one open roster spot as we can have up to 12 players, as long as any over ten our NBA assigned players. This spot will likely be filled by a returning Sadiel Rojas who was waived due to injury. He is traveling with the team and may play tomorrow night.

Now if you have not already go check out NBA Future Cast or download the D-League Center Court App for your smart phone or IPAD!

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