Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fresh Start

Happy 2012! I hope everyone had a great time ringing in the new years and now is ready to continue the celebration with a Mad Ants victory today!

Very tough loss on Friday against LA that went into overtime. On paper our roster is stacked, but I am sure there is still an ongoing gelling process. Now that we have a couple games under our belt with the the returning camp players I am expecting big things today vs Canton. Canton is coming off a game last night, so hopefully their road weariness plays a little to our advantage today.

More roster news that went down yesterday with Corey Allmond being waived. Gilbert Brown has been added to the roster. Brown was recently in the Boston Celtics training camp. He is a 6'6 Guard/Forward out of Pitt. He is very athletic and should be a nice contributor for the Ants right out of the gate. Check out his highlights from his senior year at Pitt via our friends at YouTube.

It's always hard letting a guy like Corey Allmond go, especially with him being with the team for all of last season. When it comes down to it, this is still a business and the GM/Coaching staff simply felt it was the right time and a good opportunity to pick up a player like Gilbert. I have no doubt Corey will get picked up by another D-League team or overseas team very soon. I wish him the best of luck in the future and hope he enjoyed his time in Fort Wayne.

It really says something about the level of talent we have on the team when guys like Corey are being waived. The roster is simply stacked and don't forget we still have Bucks assigned player Darington Hobson. He got his feet wet on Friday but I am sure we will see him play a significantly bigger role int he games to come.

Tip off is at 5pm tonight and make sure to bring your can tabs to the Ronald McDonald Tabathon collection area by the program stand. You will get a free breakfast sandwich and a Mad Ants scrip ticket. Plus one fan who donates will get upgraded to court side for the game. This is an ongoing program and we will be collecting tabs at every Sunday home game this season.

Well I am off to the Coliseum, I hope to see you all there!


  1. If you had to point your finger at one thing, what do you think was a key contributor to Friday's Loss to the D-Fenders? I'm sure there are a few things, but to me the technical foul with less than 1 minute was huge. WTF!!!! C'mon Man! Howard, I think you cost your team the game.

  2. I think when you clearly have more talent and you lose, it's a coaching issue. Even the last play/shot with 15secs left was wild and not planed out well.

  3. If I had to point my finger at one thing, I think it would be our lack of bench scoring/efficiency. The bench was 5-22 FG and 0-9 from 3. We didn't have anyone really bring a big impact off the bench, like the D-Fenders did with Mardy Collins. I hate to pick one play/instance that would cause a loss, as in my opinion the first basket is just as important as the last basket in a game. I agree though that the Ron Howard T did not help though! Very un-Ronlike.

  4. What Ron did was no big deal and an example of a ref. being oversensitive. The ref stunk it up on the call and Ron gave him a very mild hand gesture to push it away.

    The D league is about developing officials and some of them really need some development...especially that crew from the Friday LA game.

  5. Corey got waived to me from his antics on the bench late in the game on Friday. You could tell he wanted in the game to make some threes (which he hasn't been making for most of the game as well as the season) and then when he got in the game, he didn't shoot the three.

    The play call on the last 15 seconds was a disaster. And can someone explain why the Ants weren't fouling in overtime when they needed to foul?