Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Coach Gansey & Mad Ants during a time out - January 15, 2012 photo by Randy Jackson

Mad Ants have a chance to notch another win at home tonight against Dakota tonight after an overtime emotional roller coaster of a win on Sunday.

Ramon Harris had a huge game on Sunday shooting 6-9 from 3 point range and having SIX steals. Ramon is a player who has clearly "developed" (this is the NBA Development League people) the most in this season. He was a guy who was waived to start the season, only to be given a second shot when the NBA Lockout ended taking all of our starters to NBA camps. He is the last remaining player on the roster after those starters returned with the start of the NBA season and he is proving Jeff Potter made a great decision in sticking with him (this is sucking up to my boss).

Ramon Harris for 3!!! Photo Courtesy of Randy Jackson

One thing that keeps jumping out to me about our team this year is that there is no weak link. We have a very solid and balanced team. Anyone is capable of having a big game on any given night and that is something that is hard to defend against.

Ron Howard will most likely miss tonight and perhaps a few more games with his sprained thumb. It is just one of those lingering injuries that is better not to force, and just let it heal completely.

I asked Jeff Potter for a "Martz Madness" prediction/comentary for tonight's rematch against Dakota and he gave me this.... "I expect this to a double digit victory". I could use a nice double digit victory because I can't take many more of these Overtime thrillers!

Tonight is our last home game in January, so make sure to come on out for a 7pm tip off. We hit the road for Sioux Falls this weekend with games on Friday/Saturday which as always can be watched free online via NBA Futurecast. Let's see if we can get some wins together so the Mad Ants can officially go STREAKING (oh I referenced the title of the blog!!!!).

Oh yeah, and it was 80's night on Sunday. We all know how much I like to embarrass myself so....

Received numerous guesses to who I was.... they ranged from Inspector Gadget, Columbo, Michael Jayfox and Bender from the Breakfast Club...

Apparently the movie "Say Anything" was not as big of an 80's hit as I thought...

See everyone at the game tonight!


  1. I knew what you were doing right away, and the movie wasn't one of my favorites, but it had a few scenes in it I really enjoyed.

    As for the double digit victory...didn't happen. This team is WILDLY inconsistent and you never know what you are going to get on any night. The game at the showcase vs. Tulsa that was on NBA TV was a disaster. Then they come home and win a big one in OT. You just never know with this team. They had a nice split in Sioux Falls, but they can't see to get on a roll and I believe the shooting and defensive postioning are two biggest weaknesses with this team. Saying there is no weak link is fine, but then saying that anyone could have a big night gets to what I am saying. Someone may have a big game, but it generally won't be much more than one. This is another middle of the pack Ants team that probably is going to miss the playoffs once again. Hopefully they can get a streak going, but nothing I have seen has given me any reason to hope for that.

  2. Great reporting Garrett...like your style.