Thursday, July 16, 2009

D-League Select Team wins again!

The D-League wins again! Down goes another NBA squad. The D-League Select Team took down the Sacramento Kings Summer League team with a decisive victory last night in Vegas. Coleman Collins had a perfect shooting game and ended up with 10 points and 3 rebounds. Walker reportedly had a nice game as well but it just did not translate to the box score. The fact that these guys are all familiar with each other (whether by being on the same team or playing against each other last season) is probably a big factor in beating these NBA teams. People forget that many of these D-League players have been pro's for two or more years, be it in the D or overseas. They know the job and are not going to be intimidated just because a guy was picked high in the NBA draft.

Ron Howard did not play last night for the Knicks. That is not a big deal, as often teams will rotate players minutes on a game to game basis because of wanting to get a look at everyone.

Earl Calloway is back in action tonight and you can follow his box score here. Game time is at 8pm Hornets vs Warriors.

For much better Summer League input check out Jeff Potter's blog. Enjoy the consistent blogs from Jeff while they last. I can feel a two month hiatus coming on after Vegas!

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