Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer League Tidbits

Well it looks like the Mad Ants will be well represented in the NBA Summer League.

It was announced recently that Ron Howard "Mr. Mad Ant" will be playing for the NY Knicks. Ron is a great person and is really deserving of this opportunity. He has been the consistent face of the Mad Ants in our first two seasons and we wish him the very best.

Jeremy Richardson will be playing on Magic's summer league roster, trying to get a renewal on his contract. He did not get much playing time this year but the Magic obviously see a future with him by keeping him on board all season.

In a bit of a surprise, Earl Calloway (former Hoosier) will be playing on the New Orleans Hornets summer league team. Just the fact that he his back stateside from Croatia is very interesting! Of course I hope he makes an NBA roster, but would not mind if he had a brief return stint with the Mad Ants in-between NBA call-ups. Earl was easily the most popular player on the Mad Ants in the 07-08 campaign.

The first ever draft pick of the Mad Ants, Larry Turner, will be playing on the Utah Jazz summer league team. This kind of came out of no where as we had lost contact with Larry. I think he was last playing in the PBL on the East Coast this past season. Larry is a guy with a great size for the game (6'11 all muscle) but was had some work to do in other areas.

It also looks like Coleman Collins and Walker Russell Jr will be playing on the D-League Select team. I am excited to see how this team of D-Leaguers fares against the NBA teams. I think it is really going to display the high level of talent and competition in the D-League.

So stay tuned for more Summer League updates as numerous Mad Ants battle for NBA roster spots. A long summer still ahead for these guys!

Have a great 4th of July weekend,


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  1. Hi! I'm so proud of the guys. We miss our extended family.

    Reesha Howard