Friday, July 10, 2009

Former Mad Ant now a Pacer

Some Mad Ant related news out of Pacer land yesterday. Dahntay Jones signed a four year deal with the Pacers. Jones played for the Mad Ants during the tail end of the 07-08 season, which gave him the opportunity to play for the Denver Nuggets during their Summer League. He secured a spot with the Nuggets and wound up guarding Kobe Bryant in the Western Conference Finals. This should be a good fit for both the Pacers and Jones. He is known as a tough defender, and defense is just what the Pacer's need. Good to seeing former Mad Ants moving up in the world!

The Orlando NBA Summer League is currently running. Jeremy Richardson is representing Mad Ants Alumni with the host team the Orlando Magic. There are a plethora of D-League players filling out the rosters. Some names Mad Ants fans would be very familiar with are Kasib Powell, Blake Ahearn, and DJ White.

Jeff Potter (who is back to blogging!) will be in Las Vegas next week with Coach Meyer for the NBA Las Vegas Summer League. They will be there scouting players as many of the players who don't quite make an NBA roster will be in the D-League Draft pool come November. They will be joined by Walker Russell Jr, Coleman Collins, and Ron Howard who will all be playing in Vegas.

At the office we will be constantly peppering Jeff with requests to blog from Vegas on the different prospects and more importantly funny stories that will likely occur (hopefully involving NBA legends).

And on that note, it's CLOBBERING TIME! (still working on that sign-off)


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