Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Doldrums of Summer

Let's be honest people, after the NBA Summer League is completed, there is not much going on in the basketball world until we get closer to the season. The next big news coming from the Mad Ants will most likely be the hiring of an Assistant Coach and the release of our schedule (which should be any week now). With that being said, there is a little to blog about.

The Springfield Armour announced this morning that Dee Brown would serve as their new Head Coach. Many will remember Brown as the Dunk Contest Champion from 1991 when he dunked the ball with an arm draped over his face covering his eyes. Definitely a memorable moment in the dunk contest, that my friends and I would try to emulate on our mini-hoops during that year. Former Mad Ants Assistant Coach Kevin Whitted will be taking on the Assistant Coach role under Dee Brown. Congrats to Kevin on the new position and I wish him the best of luck. Springfield will be in the Mad Ants division this season, so we should be seeing quite a bit of Mr. Brown and Mr. Whitted.

The biggest news of this blog is that I attended my first PIG RACE! It was an attraction at the Noble Coutny Fair in Kendallville. You had to see this to believe it. Here is a clip of what a Pig Race entails. I was there with my good friend the Mad Ant and he was picked as the cheerleader for Pig #3. Unfortantley our pig lost in a close one but he put in a solid effort. After seeing this I had thoughts of putting in my two weeks resignation with the Mad Ants and putting together my very own pig racing show.

I have started my training for the Fort-4-Fitness Half Marathon and already missed a day of running yesterday. I blamed in on the rain (like milli vanilli would) but really it was due to fatigue and hunger. I plan on making it up after work tonight. I recommend everyone run this race, I did it last year and it was a great time (and painful) plus it gets you in great shape if you train for it like you should.

-Don't cry for me Argentina, Fort Wayne, or Bismarck


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  1. Are we getting the Jeff Potter kinda-weekly updates now?