Wednesday, August 5, 2009

About to Sail Away

Ridiculous Scott decided to call me out in my last blog post. His exact quote in the comments was "Are we getting the Jeff Potter kinda-weekly updates now?" What a low-blow, what a dastardly insult. Especially from a guy that quit blogging to join THE MANS team aka the Dakota Wizards.

The reason for my lack of blogs, it's August, not a ton of basketball news going on. One big piece of recent news that I forgot to mention last week is that the new group of Madame Ants has been selected. You should be seeing them at a Fort Wayne event near you very soon. You can check out some photos from the Madame Ants Try-Out if you become a fan of them on Facebook. We have been lucky to have a great group of ladies in our first two seasons, and this year will be no different!

The other big news is that I am taking a vacation next week for a few days. In that time I will be going down to see Jimmy Buffett perform in Noblesville. This will be my third time seeing Buffett, and I can't wait to sail down that way again. For the record "Last Mango in Paris" is my favorite Buffett song.

If you can't make it down to Buffett, get your tropical music fix from Island Vibe (The Mad Ants House Band) at El Azteca every Thursday night.

Okay, there is some BIG news that I need to discuss. The Mad Ants office has put together a third-world class six-man co-ed sand volleyball team. The first two weeks of games have been some of the most fun I have had all summer. Suffice to say I have spent more time in the sand than David Hassellhoff (Happy Gilmore reference anyone). For some reason I feel the need to provide comic relief for my team by biting it big time in the sand at least once per match. Our current record is 5-3, and we have a big surprise for tomorrows matches. We are bringing in a ringer, in the form of 6'9 Team President Jeff Potter to replace Jeff Johnson who is currently out of pocket. I will update you next week to let you know how Mr. Potter did, and if he is in fact a "ball hog". Our main concern is him shoving Sarah down while going for a bump.

Okay Scott, there is your update, happy now? Let me know when you blog again...

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  1. I'll respond when I get some time freed up. Currently I'm looking through my Fort Wayne affiliated facebook friends - you're in 4th, behind every other friend I have from Fort Wayne. Including the team itself.