Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back from Buffett

By the number of emails I received while I was gone (zero), I can tell you really missed my blog. Well quit your fretting, I am back in action. There is some big basketball news today, the Mad Ants schedule is to be released at 1pm today. I will post a link to it here later this afternoon. This is the time of year when it gets crazy around here as we start booking all of our group nights to different games with different organizations through out Fort Wayne. It also means we can start booking the different national half-time acts (Good-bye Red Panda!). So if your group would like to come out to a Mad Ants game or better yet perform at one, drop me a line!

The Mad Ants Volleyball Squad is back in action tonight. With a record of 8-4, we are still on the quest for our first 4-0 sweep. Tune in tomorrow for all the details.

The Buffett concert was a great time. If you have never been to a Buffett concert, go next year. I don't care if you like his music or not, they are just plain fun. For those of you who live in isolated areas like Bismark (did I even spell that right? Better yet, do I even care to spell it right?), I guess you will just have to watch the DVD.

Right as we walked into the venue it starts to pour down rain. Every one was compeltely soaked, and the fact that we had lawn tickets did not help as it turned muddy very quickly. My sandals and feet were caked in mud after the show. Great times.

Okay, and to end the blog here are my top five favorite Jimmy Buffett songs:

1.) Last Mango in Paris
2.) Boat Drinks
3.) Growing Older But Not Up
4.) Coconut Telegraph
5.) A Pirate Looks at Forty

Be back later with the Mad Ants schedule.


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