Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Update

Well it looks like the Mad Ant has a new rival mascot. The Maine Red Claws debuted their mascot Crusher (seen to the left). There are already rumors going around that the Mad Ant and Crusher may have been separated at birth. When asked for comment on this topic the Mad Ant gave this reply through interpreters:

"Crusher is in no way shape or form related to me. I am the strongest and most famous mascot in the D-League. He has much to prove before he should even be in the same conversation as me."

Jeff Potter subsequently fined the Mad Ant $85.00 and forced him to do ten hours of community service at the Ant-eater exhibit at the Fort Wayne Zoo for statements unbecoming a mascot.

Fort Wayne was recently announced as the number 2 Minor League market in the United States. The comments on our attendance is off (we did not jump 44% this year, as our attendance was over a 4,000 avg in year one as well) but we will take it! This is actually a drop from number one last year. The Mad Ants do take this personally and plan on being back to the top. I noticed Bismarck, ND was no where to be found on the list, I am sure this is just an oversight by the author.

Another double dose of volleyball this week as I am subbing again on Wednesday. Can I be on two 4-0 teams this week? Only time will tell...

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  1. Yo Garrett. Just to let you know, we were ranked I think 135. About in the middle of the D-League. And we didn't have the Fort Wayne Tincaps carrying the load....