Friday, August 14, 2009

Post-Schedule Hang Over

The Mad Ants staff has already begun planning out some different theme nights for this years schedule. As always, we plan on having fun at every game and making sure our fans do as well. If you have any ideas on theme nights for this season post it in the comments. We are most likely going to be doing a Jimmy Buffett/Hawaiian Night this year at some point. I am currently trying to raise the $250,000 to get Jimmy Buffett to actually perform that night.

I know you really came here for a Mad Ants volleyball update. We were embarrassed last night by a team that only had five players. We somehow managed to lose one of the games to them in a very frustrating fashion. We took our anger out on the team the next game but still no sweep yet. I had my brooms ready and everything. Current record is now 11-5, so still pretty solid.

Here is a link to Steve Warden's article in the Journal Gazette about the 09-10 schedule.

You can read Reggie Hayes article here from the News Sentinel.

Have a great weekend and watch out for the Mad Ant. You never know where you might run into him.


  1. This is the greatest blog written by Garret Martz concerning the Mad Ants written in Fort Wayne on this specific blog site! Ever!

    My only beef = no mention of the super sub on your Mad Ants Volleyball team. I heard he is phenomenal!

  2. Andrew,

    You need to scroll down and read a couple blogs back to see where you get your props!