Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It's official people, I am kind of a big deal. I have just been offered a chance to step up to the next level of rec-league volleyball. I am subbing for a friends team tonight in the "C" League. The Mad Ants v-ball team is appropriately in the "D" League on Thursday nights. So tonight I will be able to relate to guys like Jeremy Richardson and Chris Hunter who received that elusive GATORADE Call-Up .

This is my big shot to really show the improvements I have made it the D-League and prove I can move up to the next level. Unfortunately the compensation between a 10-day NBA call-up and a V-ball "C" League call-up is not equal. Instead of getting a five figure pay-out, I will most likely receive a free 16 oz refreshing Bud Light (Drink Responsibly and only if you are over the age of 21).

I will let you know how I fair in the big time tomorrow. If you are hungering for basketball news, I will direct you over to Ridiculous Upside for a great interview with a D-League agent. You will note that Aisander D wrote the article and not Scott Schroeder. Apparently Scott has been MIA since the release of Madden '10 , there is also a reported shortage of Cheeto's and frozen pizzas in the Bismarck area.

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  1. Hey G-Martz,
    Just to let you know, I've been busy working. Here in Dakota, we don't have time sillily blog, drink beer and play volleyball every night. We're out in the community, selling sponsorships and renewing season tickets.
    Your pal,
    P.S. I hate cheetos.