Friday, October 23, 2009

Chris Hunter waived by Knicks

Sad news came in yesterday that Chris Hunter was waived by the NY Knicks. They also cut former D-Leaguer Joe Crawford. It was a tough situation for Chris as he was injured when the Knicks signed him late last season and he spent most of the time there rehabbing his injury. It's tough to get back to 100% in that short period of time. Ironically, what is bad news for Chris Hunter, is potentially good news for the Mad Ants. The rumor is that Chris is interested in coming back to play in Fort Wayne. I don't blame him (I may be biased), as he will be at the top of the potential NBA Call-up list immediately. Chris is just too good to not have another opportunity in the NBA.

With Anthony Kent most likely returning we will again have a very formidable front court!

Chris Hunter was not the only player to get waived yesterday, here is the full list courtesy of yahoo sports.

There are many familiar names on the list that played in the D-League last year. Courtney Sims was cut from Atlanta, let's hope he goes overseas as I am sure our guys are sick of trying to guard him when Iowa comes to town!


  1. How dare you scoop me. Mainly, I just wanted to drop you a comment to let you know that some people are looking at your blog. Also, were you really up at 5:11 am? I don't think I believe that.

  2. Glad to see one person from the office reads my blog! Just don't scroll down to far or you might see all the posts where I rip on you. I believe I compared you to Michael Scott at one point.

    No I was not blogging at 5:11 AM, I was too busy driving to the YMCA for my workout (this is a clear cry for someone to compliment me on my workout dedication). I am sure you were just finishing up your daily 8 mile jaunt at that point.