Monday, October 5, 2009

The NBA Season has started.....kinda

The first few NBA pre-season games have taken place. The NY Knicks played the New Jersey Nets on Sunday. In case you are new to this blog, Mad Ants players Ron Howard and Chris Hunter are both currently on the Knicks roster. Both Hunter and Howard received a DNP (Did Not Play) in the games box score. Do not be too concerned yet as the Knicks have an absurd amount of players on their Training Camp roster and I am sure they will get some playing time in the next few games.

Some other Mad Ants alumni news is that Cheikh Samb has signed overseas with Real Madrid. Cheikh was the first ever NBA player assigned to the Mad Ants roster by the Detroit Pistons in our inaugural season. He was also the first NBA player ever to get his two front teeth knocked out in a Mad Ants game. He bounced around to different NBA squads last year but never stuck. He is a 7'1 shot blocker with a huge wingspan. He once had a triple double in the D-League with Points, Rebounds and BLOCKS (11 of them). Best of luck to Cheikh and I hope we see him back in the NBA soon.

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