Monday, October 19, 2009

Hunter gets some playing time

As I now get NBA TV, I had the luck of stumbling on the Knicks vs Tel Aviv Israel Maccabi exhibition game. I tuned in right as Maccabi's Coach was having a fun time delaying the game as he refused to leave after getting two technicals. It was amusing at first but got old pretty quick the longer it dragged on. It was clear he was doing it for some more face time, as apparently he is a pretty big character.

The big Mad Ants news coming out of the game was Chris Hunter getting his first playing time this preseason. To his and the Knicks credit, Chris has been recovering from an injury so do not read too much into his lack of playing time up to this point. I could not find a box score for this game but one report said Chris scored seven points in seven minutes. While I watched on TV I saw him play the final five minutes of the fourth quarter. He was off to a rough start, getting his first two shots blocked and missing his two free throws. He did rally and come back with a nice lay in and then his most impressive feat, hitting an 18 footer from the base line. Chris can really differeniate himself from other bigs if he gets the opportunity to show off that shot. He has the size and physicallity to play in the NBA, he just needs to regain some of his quickness as he continues to get back to 100%.

The bad news coming out of the game is that Marcus Landry out of Wisconsin looked really good and the Knicks announcers were all about him. Typically when the home team announcers are all about a young guy with no expereince, it's because the Coaches are feeding that information to them. That is a bad sign for Chris, as the rumor is that the Knicks will only be keeping one non-guaranteed guy going into the regular season. Please keep in mind you are reading the blog of a Mad Ants account executive and not a NBA Insider.

Other news coming out of the weekend is that the Aboite Trails Great ANT 5K took place on Sunday. I showed up expecting to be one of three office staffers running. As it turns out, I was the only one in the office to have the tenacity, passion, and fortitude to run. I finished an impressive 67th place and had a time of 28 minutes and some change. The Mad Ant was also in attendance giving some of his patented high fives and knuckles, although he too was afraid to take me on in the race.

I feel I have been slacking as a Mad Ants Account Executive with this blog. I don't try to sell you people nearly enough stuff. So if you don't have your season tickets or a group night planned for this season, give me a call TODAY! You can reach me at 260-469-4667 x 107. Or feel free to email me here. Mention this blog and you get a brand new Mad Ants schedule poster hot off the presses.

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