Friday, October 2, 2009

The taste of defeat

Well the Mad Ants season is officially over. Before you get too excited and start having flashbacks of Isiah Thomas and the CBA please understand I am talking about the Mad Ants Volleyball Team season is over. We were defeated last night in two straight matches. We even cheated and brought in Jamie, a former Florida State volleyball great. Our main downfall was we only had five players, three of them being guys. Which in this league is bad because you can't play with three guys and two girls on your squad. So the second match we were playing 4 on 6 which is pretty dang hard.

I am also looking for a "bumping" coach in this volleyball offseason. It is easily the worst and most frustrating part of my game. I seriously just need to have someone hit like 300 serves at me until I get it down. The highlight of my night was getting a solid one handed look-away (out of fear) block on a guy. He then gave me a receipt the next play by spiking it right in my face.

For basketball news, every one should check out The Knicks Blog to keep up with how Chris Hunter and Ron Howard are doing. You might catch a glimpse of them in some of the videos.

An impressive stat from the NBA training camps is that 144 players in these camps have played in the NBA D-League at some point in their career. This really says something about the talent and high caliber of play this league has to offer. It really is a step away from the NBA.

Make sure to check out the box score on Oct 4th when the Knicks take on the Nets, looking forward to see how Ron and Chris do. Word on the street is the Mad Ant will be out and about this weekend so be on the lookout. If you see him, please do not make the tired joke about needing a giant can of Raid. You are better than that people.

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