Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Introducing the 2009-10 Madame Ants

In an effort to increase visitors to my blog, I wanted to put up some pictures from this past weekends Madame Ants photo shoot. We have some new Madame Ants this year along with your favorites from last year and here is your first look at them courtesy of the wonderful Martz Madness blog. My goal is for this to double my readership (yes I think we can pass the 20 mark people!)

A big thank you to Mad Ants photographer Randy Jackson for group photo of the Madame Ants above. You can always find Randy at the Mad Ants game taking photos of all the action and anything else going down at the game.

Another shout out to Melanie for providing me with the rest of these pictures from the photo shoot. She has now secured her place as most favored Madame Ant in the world of Martz Madness (I would be scared too Melanie).

Here is a shot of the returning Madame Ants from last year:

(Laura, Melanie, Sheenah, Carly, Tasha, April)

(Melanie and new addition to the Madame Ants Ana)

(Melanie, proving it pays to be the one providing the pictures!)

So there is your sneak peak at this years Madame Ants. These women deserve so much credit for the performances they put on at the games. All of them are either going to school or working (or both!), plus they are expected to be at all the practices/workouts in preparation for the season. Not to mention all the appearances they do in the community. I would challenge anyone to show me a more talented or better prepared dance team in all of minor league sports.

You can meet the new Madame Ants at the upcoming Mad Ants NBA D-League Draft Party on Thursday, Nov 5th at Crazy Pinz. Start time is 6pm.

Happy Halloween Charlie Brown!



  1. Nice plug Martz... Finally something worth blogging about in this long off season.
    The countdown is @ 9...Go Ants

  2. Great series Garrett...I hope too that you increase your readership among the Mad Ants fans in Fort Wayne. I'm anxious for the games to begin and looking forward to seeing the Madame Ants in action too. Randy