Tuesday, May 26, 2009

At least it's not Monday

Well, I am finally starting to wrap my brain around the fact that today is Tuesday and not Monday. I think it's something all us working schlubs have to deal with after a long holiday weekend.

After all my talk about wakeboarding I never quite made it out. It may have had something to do with the water still being a little cold (although tolerable). My plan is to go this weekend weather/friends permitting.

It looks like this is the week where the Mad Ants will be making the big announcement about who will be the new Head Coach of the Mad Ants. I would look for a press conference to take place sometime this week (probably on Thursday).

I also just found out that Mad Ants player Coleman Collins is blogging as well. You can read his most recent blog about his time in Paris. He had mentioned after the last Mad Ants home game, his desire to visit Paris in the off-season, so I am glad he made it happen.

So I broke my blogging streak over the weekend and missed a couple days. As I received ZERO angry emails about it, I am not going to make any apologies.

Stay tuned this week for the big Coaching news and another superb blog tommorrow.

Good Day,


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