Saturday, May 23, 2009


What a game last night with the Macic and Cavs! Of course I missed the biggest moment of th game when Lebron buried the three pointer for the win with one second left. After Hedo got the Magic up by 2, I flipped stations intending to come back for the final play. Apparently I found something that I liked because I forgot to change it back in time for Lebron's big shot. What a huge moment in the series, I think one of the announcers said that only 7% of teams who lost the first two games of a series have come back to win. Pretty exciting stuff thus far!

Well I have been enjoing a nice day at the lake so far, did a little kayaking earlier. I plan on doing that quite a bit over the summer as it is fun and a nice workout. Now the big test will be going wakeboarding as the water is still a little chilly. The other test will be getting two people to go with me early in the morning...

Well the grill is starting and this blog is getting more boring by the second, so like Nick the Greek said to Johnny Moss, "I have to let you go". Talk about obscure qoutes to end a blog...

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