Friday, May 29, 2009

More Coach News and the Mad Ants develop "dirty players" ?

Well, the Mad Ants coaching news has been making the rounds of the Fort Wayne media. I recommend you checking out this one at the news sentinel.

The Mad Ants also received a mention in Sports Illustrated online this week. This article talks about former Mad Ant Dahntay Jones and his defense on Kobe Bryant during the ongoing Western Conference Finals. Many are labeling him a "dirty player" for tripping Kobe during game 4. I'll admit that the tripping incident looked pretty blatant. I don't think he went into the play thinking, "Let's see how I can hurt Kobe." It was more of an act of desperation after Kobe gets by him to try to stop him and he did it without thinking.

Still pretty cool that one season you can be playing for the Mad Ants and the next season you are guarding the best basketball player on the planet (All players who are not Shawn Bradley anyways).

Not to give the TinCaps too much publicity in a Mad Ants blog but I'll be attending another game tonight to celebrate a friends birthday. Looking forward to it and hopefully we don't get rained on this time!


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