Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rain Delay

Make sure to wish Heidi Busch a happy birthday today, she turns the big 25 today. If you don't know who Heidi is, she works in the Mad Ants office. For her birthday, she wanted to go to the Tin Caps day game at the new Parkview stadium downtown. It was a fun time...for the half inning of baseball we got to see. We walked in, bought some lovely burritos from the concession stand, and about 10 minutes later it was raining Ants and Bayhawks. After waiting about ten minutes for the rain to let up, we decide to head back to the office. I guess that is one plus to working for a basketball team, you don't have to worry about rain delays (hopefully!).

Well the news on the new Head Coach has slowly leaked out. Although I can't make any official comment on the subject, I can direct you to the following links at the Journal Gazette and Ridiculous Upside.

Official press conference forthcoming!

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