Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 2

Well I have completed one of my two goals for the day. For those who tuned back in to see if I really worked out this morning (I heard their was paparazzi at the Central Branch YMCA at six am waiting).....I didn't make it. So hopefully you are the type of person who does not like to see others succeed or better themselves. Because then you were able to get a little joy out of my failure. My new goal is to workout for the next four mornings in a row (normally I take Wednesday off). I'll keep you updated on my progress, maybe I'll even encourage a few people to start working out (or pretending like they are going to start working out). The goal I did complete for today? THIS BLOG! Which I almost forgot to do until about twenty minutes ago. This is going to be a long month...

I really do recommend working out in the morning, it gives you energy the rest of the day. It also helps you to fall asleep at a normal time at night. Or it may cause me to fall asleep at 7:30 pm and not wake up until Wednesday morning. But hey, at least tomorrow is Tuesday, not like there is anything on TV.....(an alarm just went off in David Stern's office)

Okay but seriously, it's the NBA Conference Finals! The playoffs have been great so far with some great stories. The Bulls/Celtics series was amazing, and the Rockets taking the Lakers to a game seven without Yao or McGrady!!!

Part of me wants to believe that the Magic have a shot against the Cavs, part of me thinks it will be over in four games. There is just no stopping Lebron, and the rest of the team seems to have really come together as well. So I will pick the Cavs in a 4-1 series.

The Nuggets have been exciting to watch this post-season as well. How about former Mad Ant Dahntay Jones throwing down two ESPN Highlight dunks in one week??? I was a big fan of Chris Anderson a few years back before his two year suspension, and am glad to see him doing so well now. Chauncey has really brought that team together.

On the other hand I have always disliked the Lakers. It really started when they put the "super team" together of Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton. It felt so good to see them lose that year in the Finals! With that being said, I am picking the Lakers in this series 4-2. The Lakers are just too stacked. When Lamar Odom can come off the bench, you know you are good.

So I have really went out on a limb with my picks thus far (BTW the alarm in David Stern's stopped going off). The perfect NBA matchup, Lakers vs Cavs, Kobe vs Lebron, Vince McMahon vs The Pepsi Center (read that article or the rest of this blog makes no sense)

Okay, so I just read about the Nuggets having a conflict with the WWE regarding game 4 of the western conference finals next Monday. How hilarious is that? How does something like that even happen? Vince McMahon is a guy who usually gets what he wants, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out. Coming from a kid who used to tape WWF Superstars at 1am every Saturday, I am rooting for the WWE in this one. Wow, I just realized how much it pains me to even call them the WWE. Darn tree hugging hippies at the World Wildlife Foundation.....

Well it's 10pm and if I really want to work out in the morning I better head to bed.


  1. Tree hugging hippies? I came here expecting a quality blog and instead I'm berated? This is not what I'd expect from the Mad Antz.

  2. Two blogs in and already I've offended someone! My comment was meant in jest, but what was the harm in the World Wildlife Foundation and the World Wrestling Federation sharing the "WWF" name?

  3. I get it!! Didn't know the WWF was now the WWE. Silly me..

  4. That wasn't me that post the "now I get it!!" comment.

    While I wasn't worried about the WWF name-sharing, I am worried why you have to use such a stereotype. Not all animal activists are "tree hugging hippies."