Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NBA Draft

Just finished watching the NBA Lottery Selection, congratulations to the Clippers for getting the first pick. The Clippers have a strong starting lineup on paper, I know they were hampered by injuries this past season. Hopefully they can turn things around with this pick.

It was interesting hearing David Stern's comments about the Nuggets/WWE date situation. He basically threw the Nuggets under the bus, which it sounds like is what they deserve given the situation. Nonetheless, the NBA wins date smackdowns!

Oh how could I forget about what you all came to my blog to read about. The fact that yes I worked out this morning. I even managed to go for a short run after work. Now I just need to maintain it the rest of the week.

Okay enough blogging for one night, feel free to shoot me any topics or questions you would want me to blog about. My email address is garrett.martz@fortwaynehoops.com .

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