Thursday, May 21, 2009

mixed tapes

So I recently purchased a new car (new to me) and it had this brand new invention in it that I was not accustomed to called the CD player. For the last couple years I have been driving a stellar 97' Stanford Tree green Tauras with a tape player. I probably listened to the same best of Jimmy Buffett tape about 104 times. While I was at my parents house this past weekend I picked up some of the old mix cds that I had made in high school/early college to listen to in the car. Wow, it is pretty amazing how much your musical tastes can change. In one CD I have songs from Prince, Andrew WK, and Eminem. I have always been a pretty eclectic taste when it came to music ( I have no idea if I just used the word eclectic) correctly. Nothing like going to "Little Red Corvette" to "White America" and then back to a little "Margaritaville". I guess I was never in to making themed CDs.

I want to talk some Mad Ants for you but I really don't have much news. It's all up to the big guy to make the big reveal of the new Head Coach in the coming weeks. I can tell you that from what I have heard in the office, regardless of who Jeff picks our fans should be very happy and confident in the Mad Ants chances next season.

The biggest news I have in regards to the Mad Ants is the return of the "Mad Ants Office Podcast!!!!" tomorrow. It should be up by tomorrow afternoon. I have no idea what we will talk about (that's probably not a good incentive for you to listen) but it will be entertaining. You can find the podcast on the main page of the Mad Ants website.

Have a good Memorial Day Weekend!

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