Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Blog Goes ON

Okay, first things first, what you call came to find out. Yes I worked out today, I couldn't force myself to get out of bed this morning but I made it to the Y after work. Two more workout days and then a nice relaxing weekend at the lake.

RealClearSports recently created the list of the top ten weirdest mascots. The Mad Ant made it to the fifth spot. I think this a real honor and great recognition for the team. The Mad Ant is such a great recognizable icon for the team. Just today the Mad Ant participated in a JDRV walk at Hickory Elementary School. The students at this school helped to raise over $4200 dollars towards Juvenile Diabetes research. Great Job Hickory Center!

My second favorite mascot on the list is easily the Standford Tree . It is also the favorite mascot of tree huging hippies everywhere!

I will be going for my first wakeboarding session of the summer this weekend. I love wakeboarding but never seem to get much better it summer after summer. I think I started a few years too late, or maybe it's because I have the athletic ability of Shawn Bradley.

Well, I have to finish watching Homicide Life on the Streets Season 1, so I am going to wrap up this blog. Tune in tomorrow for more mindless drivel!

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