Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Embarrassing Mad Ants Staff Photos

It has come to my attention that about half of the Mad Ants office staff does not read my blog. I have decided to punish the guilty.

First Guilty Party: SARAH WLADECKI

Sarah is the Mad Ants Vice President of Administration and has so many roles in the office that I am not even going to begin to list them. One role she heads up is our grass roots marketing effort. Every Friday we have a meeting to discuss how we can get the Mad Ants out in the community more and keep us in the public eye. My blog apparently falls under the category of grassroots marketing. Every Friday during the meeting Sarah would ask me "Have you blogged lately?". She would also have one of her interns send me "blog ideas" as a way to prompt me to blog. The intern would send me different ideas on stories she had found through out the NBA world. Usually topics I would never touch on in Martz Madness, I like to blog about sand volleyball, Halloween Costumes, and occasionally D-League basketball. Not if Charlie Villanueva tweeting during a game is over the line.

After a few of these bland blog ideas I asked the intern if she had ever even read my blog. She had not. At a recent meeting Sarah asked if I had blogged lately and I responded with "I don't know, HAVE I?". She could not answer confidently...

So in honor of this show of disrespect to Martz Madness, I present you with the first of many EMBARRASSING MAD ANT STAFF PHOTOS:

(Sarah sneaking a snack during a Mad Ants game)

To get me to stop posting these pictures, Sarah will need to post a comment on the blog or come up to me in the office and praise me for the quality of my blog.

More basketball news on the way shortly. And I still need to get the Pistons article up about potential Pistons who could come to the Mad Ants.


  1. This is awesome...haha keep it coming u know me an Joe were the only ones that read ur blog

  2. Camron,

    Way to comment to make sure you were safe from an embarrassing snapshot. I am sure your facebook page would offer a wealth of options.

  3. @Camron_Monnier i like the one glove look... :)

  4. Hah Garrett you know I read this all the time! Ehh if they are up on facebook then I won't get embarassed by them. Hah Anyway dleauge daily I don't think I know you how you creeping on my page?

  5. This is wonderful Garrett, you are keenly observant and discriptive in your assessments of those individuals contained in your reporting...keep up the good work and if in the future you need assistance in capturing such individuals in situations deeming public view...please advise me...

  6. Rude! In order to provoke you into posting more pictures of me at my finest, I will now make a concerted effort to send you plenty of emails every day AND refrain from helping you out when The Mad Ant gets into a particularly vicious group of excited kids.
    In order to see these lovely photos, I have become a devoted follower, oh great and wonderful blog king. Never again will I miss a post!