Thursday, November 5, 2009

Post Draft Thoughts

Well the 2009 NBA D-League Draft is complete. The Mad Ants took Alade Aminu out of Georgia Tech with the 10th pick. I asked Kyle to break down Alade's skills and he responded with "He's an athlete". That really helps Kyle, I am glad we picked an "athlete" in the first round. But seriously, he is a 6'10 forward who brings some nice size.

Chris Hunter, Anthony Kent, and DeWitt Scott were all in attendance at the Draft Party mingling with Mad Ants season ticket holders. They are eager to get training camp started. Chris Hunter has put on quite a bit of muscle while training with the Knicks and is even bigger than last year. Hunter said he enjoyed his time with the Knicks and expects another NBA Gatorade call-up soon. I would agree that he has to be considered the premier big man in the D-League going into the season. We love having Chris on the Mad Ants roster, but we would love it even more seeing him in the NBA night after night.

There is trade talk in the wind with the Mad Ants, some talk about a potential big deal that could be going down tomorrow. I will let you know when it is official. I apologize for the vagueness, but I like my job and want to keep it.

For IU fans the Mad Ants picked up AJ Ratliff in the 8th round. So not only is AJ a Mad Ants twitter friend, he is now coming to training camp. Xavier fans should note we selected CJ Anderson in the sixth round.

The guys we selected in the draft have their work cut out for them, because it looks like with the returning players and two allocated Notre Dame players, spots on the team will be hard to come by. Having so many talented guys to choose from is a great problem for Jeff Potter and the Coaches to work on.

I am very tired, so here is a link to the full list of Draft Picks. When I hear more about the big trade I will fill you in.

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