Sunday, November 8, 2009

Potential Pistons we could see in Fort Wayne this Season

The long awaited, heavily under-hyped POTENTIAL PISTONS POST!

The Pistons have been the only Mad Ants affiliate to assign players to the Mad Ants during our first two seasons. We have seen three Pistons assigned by Mr. Dumars in Cheikh Samb (07-08), Walter Sharpe (08-09), and Alex Acker (08-09). Cheikh spent about half the season with the Mad Ants, while Sharpe and Acker were assigned to the Mad Ants together for only two home games and one short road trip. So the Pistons have proven they see value in having their young guys spend time in the D-League. Joe Dumars and John Hammond (former right hand man in Detroit and current General Manager of the Bucks) both attended Mad Ants games to see how their prospects were developing.

So I see no reason while we would not see a Piston down with the Mad Ants for the 09-10 season. Without further ado, here are the Pistons that could potentially be assigned to the Mad Ants. This simply means they are either a rookie or second year player and are eligble to be sent to the D-League.

Jonas Jerebko
College: None
2nd Round '09 Pistons Draft Pick
6'9 Forward

With Tayshaun Prince out, Jerebko has been seeing heavy minutes, even starting the past 2 or 3 games. He has put up solid numbers and I would expect to see him continue to be used in the regular Pistons rotation even once Tayshaun comes back into the lineup. Therefore, I really doubt we would see him assigned to the Mad Ants this season.

Percent of seeing him in a Mad Ants uniform: 1%

Austin Daye
College: Gonzaga
Pistons 1st Round Draft Pick 2009
6'11 Forward

Daye has been averaging ten minutes a game over four regular season games with the Pistons to this point. The biggest negative about Daye is his thin frame. Many questioned whether he could hang in the NBA without putting on some more muscle. He has a nice perimeter game with an extended range. He left Gonzaga after his sophomore season and I feel playing in the D-League and seeing 40 minutes a game would certainly benefit him. He has done a nice job for the Pistons to this point so I doubt he will be assigned to the Mad Ants. If there was a point in the Pistons season where there was an extended road trip in which it would be unlikely Daye would see many minutes, maybe Mr. Dumars would consider assigning him to Fort Wayne for a brief stay.

Chance of seeing him in a Mad Ants uniform: 5%

DaJuan Summers
College: See Photo
2nd Round Pistons 2009 Draft Pick
6'8 Forward

DaJuan Summers is who I think we will see in Fort Wayne this year. The Pistons have a plethora of forwards on the roster and Mr. Summers will need to prove to the Pistons that he deserves some of those minutes. To this point, Summers has only played 42 seconds in one Pistons game. Clearly the Pistons see value in him to keep him on the roster and did not waive him as they did Deron Washington (who was drafted 3rd in the D-League Draft by the LA D-Fenders). He is a strong athletic guy who has great size for the small forward position. One weakness in his college days was being prone to turnovers. He is also a solid three point shooter having made over 100 in his college career. How was that for a compliment sandwich?

Chance of seeing him in a Mad Ants uniform: 65%

Rodney Stuckey
and Will Bynum are both second year (thus making them eligble to be assigned to the Mad Ants) Piston players who are heavily used in the Pistons rotation. Stuckey is starting at point guard, with Bynum seeing heavy minutes as well. With both of these players having about the same chance of playing for the Mad Ants as I do, I have neglected to write up a report on them.

Come back tomorrow for the 2nd Round of EMBARRASSING MAD ANTS STAFF PHOTOS! This weeks star: Mad Ants Director of Communications & Operations Heidi Busch!

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Also, for those who missed it, the Rob Kurz trade is official! Check it out on the Mad Ants homepage.

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